‘Bad Monsters’ Blog Tour – Guest Post by Clinton Harding

Following on from our first feature in the Bad Monsters blog tour on Tuesday, author Clinton Harding is back with us today talking inspiration and Japanese anime. Inspiration – Japanese Anime In Clinton D. Harding’s debut novel “Our Monsters”, Jon Graves and his friends escaped their parents and the military, leaving behind the only home they’d ever […]

IAM Book of the Day…Bad Monsters by Clinton D Harding

Author Clinton Harding is a frequent guest on Aside From Writing, and today we’re excited to be sharing his latest book Bad Monsters with you. This is the sequel to Our Monsters, which appeared in our first Indie Author Month last year. Tomorrow we’ll be featuring an excerpt from Bad Monsters, so make sure you […]

Our Monsters by Clinton D Harding

Yesterday Jon Graves believed living and going to high school in the military occupied town of Carpenter was a snooze-fest. That is until a routine fieldtrip to Carpenter’s science labs, when Jon and his friends uncover a military secret, the reason why the US Army brought their parents to Carpenter… to create a top secret, […]

IAM Guest Post…You’re Never Too Old

Our featured author today is Clinton Harding, a regular visitor to the blog since we ran our first Indie Author Month in 2012. We recently hosted a week-long tour feature for Clinton celebrating the release of Book 2 in the Bad Monsters series. If you missed that, or any of his previous features and guest posts, you […]

‘Bad Monsters’ Blog Tour – Excerpt

We hope you’ve enjoyed our week of features with author Clinton Harding and learning more about Bad Monsters and the Our Monsters Chronicles. For us, it’s always a pleasure to host Clinton on the blog, he’s shared some fantastic guest posts with us over the past couple of years (read them here) and we look forward to […]

IAM Excerpt…Bad Monsters

As promised – here’s Clinton Harding’s second feature of the week – an excerpt from his latest book Bad Monsters. Enjoy! CHAPTER ONE Glass crunched underneath the soles General Mauser’s high polished boots. The sound gave him pause and he fought the urge to grind his teeth with each additional step. Four teenagers… four children […]

Guest Post…Audio Books – Modern Oral Storytelling

For today’s guest post we’re welcoming back author Clinton D Harding to the blog – Clinton’s novel Our Monsters was one of our featured books during Indie Author Month, click here to see the post – now let’s see what he has to say about storytelling today… ———————————————————- Ever had a grandparent tell you a tale from the […]