The short version is that we’re a small group of readers-come-writers-come-readers who live in the north of England. We love to read and talk about books, so why not share? Plus, we all have quite different personalities and so it might be fun to see how we view different books.

In a way, this is like a mini-book club for us…

Some of us are blog virgins, others have a lot more experience in that area (but we don’t call them names behind their backs because of it). Hopefully, you’ll pop along and enjoy what you see, but if you don’t, there are lots of other good blogs out there! 😉

Although we do reviews (and will consider requests) the main focus of our blog is the interaction of readers, writers and bloggers and so our guests are quite a big part of what we do – we really encourage guest posts, interviews and reviews for the blog from writers, authors and bloggers who float around the YA world. We like to get them talking about why they write and how their reading influences their work. So if that’s you – please get in touch after reading the ‘Review Policy’.

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