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Aside from Writing regularly features posts and interviews from guest authors and bloggers, however, behind these features, a regular band of bloggers contribute to the site each week providing the Group Thoughts, Reviews and insights into writing. You can meet them all here and find out more about where they came from.


Aside from Writing was started by Mel in January 2012, when she first discovered the whole blogging world after releasing her debut novel Hope’s DaughterShe enjoyed meeting new readers and bloggers, finding out what they enjoyed about books and their own particular types of writing. She also enjoyed interacting with other authors – learning from their experiences. So, Aside from Writing is a reflection of all this: a place to interact with authors, bloggers and readers; a place to learn about the experiences of others and more than anything – a place for all things reading and writing! 

Mel Cusick-Jones


After graduating from The University of Sheffield with an English Literature Masters in 2003, Melanie has been writing fiction – time permitting – ever since. 

‘Hope’s Daughter’, released in December 2011, was Melanie’s debut novel and the first release from The Ambrosia Sequence. The companion book ‘The Rainbow Maker’s Tale’ was released in late 2013 and the next novel – ‘Outlanders’ – is due in 2016. The Ambrosia Sequence is a dystopian series aimed primarily at young adults and hovers somewhere in the middle of sci-fi, dystopian and fantasy genres.

When she’s not writing Melanie enjoys the wet weather of the north of England with her dogs or disappearing into a book for a few hours (no surprise there then). 

Tony Talbot

Author Tony Talbot joined the blog as a regular contributor in May 2012 and posts reviews, thoughts on writing and anything else that comes to mind! Tony started writing short stories in 2008, after a dream he had and couldn’t shake; finally his wife told him to write it down or stop talking about it! He is the author of several YA novels including Over the Mountain and American Girl, and is hard at work on the next book now. He lives in a village in Leicestershire UK, with an American wife he met online and a teenage cockatiel. As well as writing, he enjoys reading, playing Mario Kart on the Wii and not getting enough exercise.

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