The Weeping Empress by Sadie Forsythe

Chiyo Alglaeca was happy in her life. That is, until it was all taken away. Forced into notoriety, stalked by a mysterious cult, hunted by the emperor, and facing betrayal at every turn she clings to the only safety she can find: two enigmatic men and the sharp bringer of death, Salvation.

The Weeping Empress explores the devastating effects of loss, the hunt for redemption, and the price of destiny. It questions the true meaning of evil and asks what monster is not also an innocent?


 Gimme 10 – Mini-Interview

Please answer each question in 10 words or less – that’s what makes it tough but fun! 🙂

Where do you find your inspiration? Everywhere and nowhere, even I don’t always know.

What is your favourite aspect of The Weeping EmpressI adore the cover. I find it beautiful & symbolic.

Who is your favourite character from The Weeping Empress and why? Senka, I like his unassuming strength.

What are you working on now? The sequel– it addresses why Chiyo and how it happened.

What do you love about most about writing? Getting the story out of my head.


About the Author

Sadie Forsythe hails from the Southeastern United States, lives in Northwestern England, and is a fan of all things Japanese. She holds degrees in Anthropology/Comparative Religion, International Criminology, and Social Change. She loves local coffee shops, geek culture, everything bookish, and tea (steaming with milk and sweet iced). She is married with two daughters and an imaginary dog.


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3 thoughts on “The Weeping Empress by Sadie Forsythe

  1. Looks like a great read – and putting up with the weather in the north-west? I can appreciate that! 🙂

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