American Girl by Tony Talbot

Mary Tanaka is an all American Girl until the attack on Pearl Harbor makes her something terrible: Japanese. And when the US Government decides all the Japanese within a hundred miles of the west coast should be moved inland to prison camps, she has no choice but to go.


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Β Gimme 10 – Mini-Interview

Please answer each question in 10 words or less – that’s what makes it tough but fun! πŸ™‚

Where do you find your inspiration? My wife and my dreams

What is your favourite aspect of American Girl? The research into Japanese culture was a lot of fun

Who is your favourite character from American GirlΒ and why? Ganaha-san; so dignified and reserved, and so tragic.

What are you working on now? I’m editing my latest book, EIGHT MILE ISLAND

What do you love about most about writing? Creating whole worlds and people from nothing.Β 


About the Author:Β Tony Talbot was born in the 1970s and started writing in 2008 after a dream he had and couldn’t shake. American Girl was his third book, and he’s currently editing his next book and planning the book after, tentatively called, ‘Dome’.


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