Just Finished…Shadowland

Shadowland is a well-written, action-packed adventure story, set during the period of unrest in Britain that gave rise to the legends of King Arthur. Although I’d not read any fiction from this setting previously, it is happily familiar from film and history lessons; the writing style is very absorbing and you quickly find yourself wrapped up in the story.

At the heart of Shadowland is a buddy/road-trip tale of two young friends, who travel far from their homes and previous lives after their village is attacked and their families massacred. The relationship between them is really nicely drawn: dialogue is modern and accessible enough to read easily, whilst not detracting from the historical setting of the book. Action scenes are exciting, well-written and have some good comedic points for realism. The mystery surrounding the vicious attack on their village draws the story onwards throughout the novel.

Overall Shadowland is an accessible, entertaining and absorbing read, with great character relationships in an interesting setting. It works well as a YA because of the youthful protagonists, but I also think will appeal to a wider audience as well. 4* from Aside from Writing. 


Book Synopsis: Shadowland is a story of Arthurian legend, however, rather than another story of Arthur and his knights, it tells the story of the years prior to Arthur’s birth.

An old storyteller entertains his listeners with a tale he claims is from his youth, a time when the Romans are leaving Britain and the Saxons are invading.

It is a dark and dangerous time for the tribes of Britain. Two boys, driven from their village join the efforts of their people to unite the tribes and drive the invaders from their shores.


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