After Eden by Katherine Pine

Devi knows she shouldn’t trust the new employee at her favorite used bookstore. Sure, he’s funny, smart and hands down the sexiest guy she’s ever met, but something dark lurks behind his unassuming smile and sinful green eyes.

Still, a girl can’t always afford to be picky. When an angel abducts your twin brother it should come as no surprise that the one person who can help you get him back is a demon–and only if you’re willing to pay his price.


 Gimme 10 – Mini-Interview

Please answer each question in 10 words or less – that’s what makes it tough but fun! 🙂

Where do you find your inspiration? Caffeine.

What is your favourite aspect of AFTER EDEN? The mythology. The pancakes. The gender-bending.

Who is your favourite character from AFTER EDEN and why? Princess. She’s a cat and I’m a crazy cat lady.

What are you working on now? Fallen Angels #3 and a secret project!

What do you love about most about writing? The moment I finish a book


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About the Author: Katherine Pine is addicted to shoujo manga and black tea. Though she’s only in her mid-twenties, she lives in a retirement community in the Pacific Northwest. (Alright, so maybe it isn’t officially a retirement community, but the age of the average person is about 62. As a result Katherine has grown accustomed to epic bingo battles and losing terribly at Bridge.) When she’s not writing she knits, tries to convince slugs that her compost pile is much tastier than her vegetable garden, and gets bossed around by her cats.


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