Mel’s Thinking…Christmas Tidings and Busy Times


Hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday period with friends, family, books… All that time off from work, but it still seems busy!

I have to apologise for the haphazard postings in the last few weeks – I’ve been attempting to finalise my second book and unfortunately putting together blog posts and pulling together the interviews etc. is quite time consuming and so I’ve not been able to do both. Having taken a little break from posting those – they will be back up in the new year when I get some time back again.

2012 has been an interesting and busy year – we’re approaching the first birthday of the blog (January) – and it’s surprising how much has happened when you look back over the twelve months.

The Indie Author Event in May was great, and will perhaps feature again in 2013 with some little changes. My favourite features are the guest posts – when authors and readers talk to us about something a little different, perhaps more openly than a straight interview allows. I’ve also really enjoyed meeting the other bloggers who contribute to Aside From Writing, which has changed from the ‘real world’ friends that started the blog in January (and disappeared quite quickly after a couple of months) to the ‘book world’ friends that I’ve met in the last twelve months through Goodreads: Emily, Tony, Stephanie and Jade.

So…what now for 2012? I’m going to have to think about that…but I am looking forward to getting some new features up and running, and posting a little more regularly! 🙂 See you in 2013 – Mel x


Aside from Writing’s Year in Numbers

10,300 Hits, 215 Posts, 259 Comments

1 Blogger surviving the whole first year

3 Bloggers evapourating (metaphorically, not literally)

3 New Bloggers appearing

98 Facebook Friends

907 Tweets, 153 Followers

0 People on Pinterest (I just can’t figure it out!)


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