IAM Book of the Day…A Case of Poisons, Hazel West

Guest Feature

Guest Feature

Our featured author today is Hazel West – you may remember her from our February feature on her novel On a Foreign Field. Her latest book A Case of Poisons is due for release on 3rd June, today you can find out more about her in one of our special ‘This or That’ interviews.


Hero or Villain? Sometimes, really awesome villains are harder to lose than really awesome heroes.

Pirates or Zombies? Pirates! And no, I don’t care for zombie pirates overmuch.

 Popcorn or Chocolate? Chocolate, extra dark.

London or New York? London!

 Classical or Pop? Classical; seriously most of my favorite music is way older than me.

 Elf or Dwarf? Well, if I narrow it down to Orlando Bloom or Richard Armatage, then I’m afraid I would have to choose Dwarves.

James Bond or Jason Bourne? Jason Bourne—love a guy who gets the job done without being constantly distracted by the local female life.

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl, but does it still count on those nights I stay up till dawn working on something?


About the Author

I’m Hazel B. West, a self published author who currently has four published titles Freedom Come All Ye, Ballad of the Highwayman, On a Foreign Field, and By Blood or By Bond (along with it’s companion backstories) and the upcoming Anthony Maxwell steampunk mystery series. I love English, Scottish and Irish history, and use my research to write historical novels.

 Apart from being a writer, I love to read, sketch, listen to music as well as play my instruments, and drink coffee. I’m a history buff and bibliophile and would love to hike in the mountains if I didn’t live in Florida.


A Case of PoisonsAnthony Maxwell is a private investigator, a consultant for the mostly incompetent inspectors at Scotland Yard, on occasion a writer, and always a lover of coffee. He has been working small cases for several years to pay the bills when he’s introduced to the first multiple murder case of his career early one morning, when a witness catches a man trying to unload a body to bury in a nearby graveyard. Soon the first body is joined by three more in the course of a single morning and Anthony knows this is no ordinary serial murder case. And why is the murderer targeting beggars and urchin children? If that wasn’t cause enough to worry, all the victims are covered with horrible wounds and show signs of exotic poisoning. Anthony, along with his partners Tobias—an ex-broadsman and well-know charmer—and Scamp—a street smart and talented young woman—work to find out who is murdering the helpless beggars and children in such horrifying ways. The first book in this new Victorian steampunk series takes the three companions to the limits of their abilities as they go up against canny murderers, bruisers who appear invincible, anarchist groups, and even ancient British royalty in the biggest case Anthony Maxwell has ever worked in his career.


Want to know more? Check out the links!

Blog: http://hazelwest.blogspot.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/artfulscribbler

Pintrest: http://pinterest.com/artfulscribbler/

Anthony Maxwell’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anthony-Maxwell/978987912241341

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17557133-a-case-of-poisons

Purchase Links: http://hazelwest.blogspot.com/2013/03/purchase-links.html

7 thoughts on “IAM Book of the Day…A Case of Poisons, Hazel West

  1. Haha…I totally agree about Bourne/Bond. And almost everything else too…hmmm, we have too much in common!

  2. I loved ‘On a Foreign Field’ when I read it earlier this year – and tbh I like the sound of this even more 🙂 You know where we are, if you’d like a read/review

    lol at Orlando/Richard answer – at first I was thinking ‘Gimli – no way’ and then I realised, ‘not Gimli – hunky northerner*, dwarfed by CGI’. I really need to see The Hobbit.

    Mel x

    * I know Leicester isn’t really north, but his accent often is, and I like that Richard best 😉

    • Haha, yup 😉 You really do need to see The Hobbit. Though I loved Richard before that, having watched the BBC Robin Hood series like three times (Jonas Armstrong who played Robin is actually the actor I would have play Anthony Maxwell)

      So glad to know you enjoyed “On a Foreign Field”. I’d love it if you’d like to read&review “Case of Poisons” as well. Shoot me an email sometime next month after the release date if you’re still interested =)

      • Ahh, Jonas Armstrong. He seemed like he’d be lots of fun after a few drinks:

        Robin Hood star charged over ‘drunk and disorderly conduct”
        Jonas Armstrong, star of the BBC’s Robin Hood series, has been charged with drunk and disorderly conduct after allegedly knocking on neighbours’ doors at 2am and yelling: “It’s me… Robin Hood! Give me your money!” He didn’t have enough money to pay the taxi fare.

        You also might like this:

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