Laughing cat

How weird is spam? I’ve just cleared down the spam folder for the first time in ages and I had to chuckle at what gets sent to the blog. Our latest haul was a really eclectic mix of Canada goose jackets, Emily’s bail bonds (not sure they’re much use this side of the pond) and a range of semi-marketing, half-medical sounding junk.

I have to admit that when one spam post urged me to ‘verbalize my ankles’ I kind of considered not junking it. Random stuff prompted random post – I’m off now to consider if verbalising any body part is 1. Possible and 2. Worthwhile…

5 thoughts on “Spam

  1. The weirdest one I had was for potatoes. But I get an incredible mix of junk mail from russian brides to health stuff. The mind boggles.

    • Spam for potatoes? Those bad boys are so versatile they sell themselves! πŸ™‚ Why would they need spam, when they can be mashed with cheese, turned into hash browns or chips? Russian brides I can kind of understand, for starters, you can’t mash them with cheese…

      • I wouldn’t want to mash Russian Brides with anything, let alone cheese. What a waste!

        I too thought potatoes sold themselves.
        “boil em, mash em, stick em inna stew.”
        Then again I clearly hadn’t taken into account the different brands of potato. Some are very stylish, others wear burlap sacks.

  2. I love the Nigerian Prince / soldier from Afghanistan who has a million dollars to give me. I can’t believe anyone would fall for them, but they’re such fun to read. I’m tempted to write back when they need money from me (and I always know they would) and say, “Just take it from the million…” There’s a whole webpage dedicated to baiting them back. I intend to take it up professionally when I retire. πŸ™‚

    I’ve never had spam potatoes…septic tanks and golf balls used to be a favourite. Now it’s mostly cheap meds from Canada and fake bank sites. They just aren’t trying anymore. πŸ™‚

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