Indie Author Month is BACK!

baby bookOK – so anyone who pays much attention to what we do here πŸ™‚ will have noticed that our annual indie author month hasn’t happened in May this year, as it has since we started the blog in 2012. This is purely down to:

  1. Workload – in real world and writer world (Yes, that’s right, we’ve been concentrating on writing our own stuff!)
  2. Mild case of disorganisation – I was fully prepared to get the Indie month going back in January, but somehow everything else got in the way…
  3. Deciding what we’d do this time – as each year we’ve tried to do something a little different, either in the types of features or authors we feature

So, that being said, what’s the plan? (I’m imagining you crying the question enthusiastically!)

For 2015, we’d like to invite indie authors of ANY genre to get in touch. All features will be posted during the 31-days of July, with one author per day taking the centre stage on the blog. As with previous years, we’d like to feature your latest book and a bit about you, but what we’re really looking for this year is your experience – so if you can offer a guest post on one of the following topics, along with your information, then we want to hear from you πŸ™‚

My Writing Journey…so far…

How I became an indie author

Why I love being an indie author

Write a β€œday in the life” post

5 Things you’ve learned about self-publishing

OR…pitch us your own post idea – let’s get creative!

Email us at: bonniesyorkie (at) gmail (dot) com

And we’ll send you the 2015 author pack across. Your date in the event will only be secured by providing back to us the completed packs with all your links, images and post information – so, as they say, it’s “first up, best dressed!”

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mel x

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