Mel’s Thinking…It’s Not That Easy Talking About Yourself

“Are you animal — vegetable — or mineral?” the lion asked Alice.
Who am I? It probably sounds like a weird question, but as soon as you start doing interviews or telling people about yourself and why you wrote a book, it definitely needs some thought. And it’s not that easy to answer.
I’m sure potential readers don’t want to know that I prefer dogs to cats, drink tea not coffee, can tidy but not clean…or maybe they do? Perhaps it would give some perfect insight into my writing. Then I have to decide on whether to go with *serious face* professional author interview or something lighter…am I funny, or is that only in my own head?
You can see from the number of questions I have – I’m really not sure who I am when it comes to writing about myself. I think everyone has so many personality facets it’s hard to decide which ones are relevant when you’re asked to write about yourself. It gets even harder when you’re used to focusing on what characters do and how they behave, rather than yourself. I’m sure of my characters, less so of myself it seems.
Is it just me – or do other authors find this pretty hard too?

2 thoughts on “Mel’s Thinking…It’s Not That Easy Talking About Yourself

  1. Definitely, I’m quite a private person by nature . Not only that, but when you do write about yourself the second you decide on your answer and post it you can usually think of at least ten things that you think you think should have added, and five things that maybe you shouldn’t.
    Of course who you are is dependent on the time of day, month, year, the phase of the moon and the current ecological climate. As a result “who am I?” generally translates to “what’s my current state of mind.”

  2. You’re absolutely right Jo – I suppose we do have lots of sides to our personalities, but once you start documenting them I makes you focus on them in much more detail.

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