30 Days of Hunger Games…Mockingjay Re-think

The Hunger Games - Poster

Our second post as part of 30 Days of Hunger Games event is a connection to another blog, created by author James McQuivey. This blog is dedicated to a single purpose: to offer an alternate ending to Suzanne Collins’s amazing and insightful Hunger Games trilogy. Along with the alternate ending – which is an interesting read in itself if you’ve read all the trilogy – he talks about what he hoped to accomplish with the post.

James advises on the blog: “Be forewarned, this alternate ending is only interesting (and hopefully valuable) to you if you have read the original book(s). It not only contains spoilers, it completely alters them! Please leave your comments here or on my Mockingjay review on Goodreads if you want to be part of the discussion.”


The Alternate Ending to Mockingjay 

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Hunger Games…Mockingjay Re-think

  1. I might read it, but personally I actually kind of loved how Mockingjay ended, despite all the tears and grief it was really good and I like where Katniss ended.

    Jessica Sutton – District 10

  2. I know what you mean – I liked the ‘personal’ bias of the ending and thought that Katniss ended up in a realistic place – how much can one person take? 🙂

    I’ve not read the whole re-write piece, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to see things differently, so can see where you’re coming from

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