meme…Book Trailer Thursday – 2

We’re excited to take part in Book Trailer Thursday meme hosted each week by  Check out her lovely blog if you’d like to join in 🙂

For our Book Trailer Thursday meme we’re featuring the best-selling YA dystopian novel Divergent, by Veronica Roth. I have to say – I’m not a mega fan of the book, as you’ll see when you read the review – I’ve not posted yet as I’m waiting for the other blog readers to tell me if I’m being terribly unfair to the book…we’ll see… Anyway, for a dystopian it feels quite unrealistic, which is probably my main gripe: there’s no single overarching power or government in control of the environment that forces people into the various ‘factions’, it doesn’t feel like a situation that would naturally occur. Overall, it felt a little like YA dystopia-by-numbers: 1984 Room 101 type scenario – check; Hunger Games-esq violence – check; random division of society – check… It just wasn’t overly original to me, although it’s well-written.

So – what about the trailer – I expected something good for a big budget, publisher driven book – but it’s not really – it’s not unlike what many indie authors are producing for their own books, with minature budgets. Yes it’s polished, but there’s not much to it – again – it lack originality for me. And also – rip-off of The Hunger Games flaming mockingjay much?

What do you think?

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