Friday Finds – 4

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This week I found:

At The End by John Hennessy just sounded so interesting and I like the dystopians born of realistic orgins (so population explosion is an intersting one). Found this on a Goodreads thread looking for readers. Looking forward to reading this and as it was gifted from the author I will be reading/reviewing it first – I love it when a plan comes together 🙂

The only other book I picked up this week was from one of the lovely security guards at work – I saw him reading it this week in the mess room and it looked interesting, so be brought it back for me to read. So because I’ve not bought it myself I’ve still been good 😉 it is Vlad but I can’t remember the author and so can’t find the cover from the numerous books named ‘Vlad’ on Goodreads – oh well – I’m sure I’ll be doing a review on it soon enough. I’m definitely heading for a vampire-themed reading phase – have about 10 in the tbr pile now!


So, not too many this week as I’ve been doing well with not buying any more books…let’s see how the reading pile looks next week 🙂

What did you find this week? Mel x

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