Indie Author Spotlight…Julie Rainey

Indie Authors Spotlight is a weekly meme that will be held on every SATURDAY in the month. It is hosted by Beckie @Bittersweet Enchantment & CYP @A Bookalicious Story.
This week’s spotlighted author is Julie Rainey…
About the Author: This is me, a full time mom and part time novelist. Lover of rock music, science, space and the vast unknown that awaits us in the universe. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children who support me immensely. I live in rural Missouri near a town no one has ever heard of, unless you’re studying to be an engineer and love to drink on St. Pats, then you know where Rolla is.  Actually I think the college once held the record for most alcohol consumed in one evening. My favorite author and book series has to be Orson Scott Card and the Ender Wiggins Saga. Second favorite is Gregory Maguire and Wicked, awesome writing. Science fictionhas been a love of mine for some time, almost as long as my love of reading.

 Eighteen years after two caring strangers decide to take her in, Anne must face the harsh reality that everything in her life has been a complete and utter fabrication. With the help of her friend and Protector, she sets out on a journey back home, to planet she never even knew existed. Will she be able to defeat the terrifying evil that awaits her and uncover the truth about what’s really happening there before it’s too late?


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