Guest Post…In Appreciation of Writers

Author Jane Li joins us today with a guest post in appreciation of writers…
In Appreciation of Writers
(that includes you Bloggers and Reviewers, and pretty much anybody who posts anything publicly)
I’ve been spoiled by good books.
Because I’ve read good books, I expect every piece of writing to be well-written.  I want them to hook me in the first paragraph and keep me hooked.  Most readers expect that now, which means a lot get tossed without a second thought.
And then I realized something: everybody on this planet has something valuable to say; sometimes they just don’t say it in a way that makes my eyes light up.  Now that I’ve actually written and published a book of my own, I’ve become much more respectful and appreciative of the work and time authors put into their books, not to mention the love.  I’m suddenly sensitive of how other people’s opinions of my writing can have a huge impact on my self-esteem.  So I’ve developed an attitude of appreciation for what I read.
Now, good writing isn’t necessarily one with the well-crafted prose, engaging storyline, or even the best insights (although those qualities definitely make good writing).  Good writing to me is something that resonates with my feelings and experiences, one that makes me think on the bigger lessons in life, or a composition that shifts my viewpoint to one of better understanding and compassion toward others.  Yeah, I know, that’s still a high standard, and a very personal one.  But now I look for the gold, and say all the good I can of every piece I come across.  If I don’t like it, then I’ll leave it to someone who does.
Much appreciation and gratitude to every writer courageous enough to let others read their words and comment on them.
Hugs and Blessings,
Jane Li
author of Barakel and Nissa
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One thought on “Guest Post…In Appreciation of Writers

  1. So very well said, Jane. Through the process of becoming a published author I have learned (and gained) so much about reading as well as writing!

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