Sunday Write-Up – June 2015

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Thanks for joining us for our second Sunday Write-Up feature! Today’s words are at the bottom of the post – take them away, do something with them and then come back and link your post back to us here, so that people can come visit you and check out your piece.

As before, don’t worry about it being long, short, perfectly edited…the idea is to just let your imagination run wild on something you’ve never even thought about writing before, blast out a piece in however much time you have on your Sunday (or the few days afterwards).

So, here’s today’s prompts – include all five in your piece and see what you come up with. I’ll be back to link up my post soon 🙂

Today’s five words are:

alone     growing     slowly     life     beautiful

12 thoughts on “Sunday Write-Up – June 2015

    • Hi Tony, thanks for joining in this month. I had to read the post a couple of times looking for the prompt words and was thinking to myself, is this real, is this fiction…where have you gone with this…?

      Nice post 😊

      • Thanks for the comment. Yes it’s all real and apart from the memory thing I’m as for as I’m going to be at my time of life.😀

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