Sunday Write-Up – September 2015

Sunday Write Up Header

It’s the last Sunday of September and so we’re back with another write-up challenge for anyone feeling they want to give their creative legs a stretch. Slight twist this month because I found this fantastic image on Pinterest by David Vandre…

When I saw it, I just thought “that road is going somewhere” and figured if we use it for our inspiration this week, instead of the usual set of words, we might find some wonderful destinations somewhere along it.

So, for this month write your piece, short story, poem, etc. based on this image, whatever you want, whatever comes to mind… Post your piece on your blog as normal and put a link to it in the comments below so that we can check out what everyone writes.

Sunday Write-Up – June 2015

Sunday Write Up Header

Thanks for joining us for our second Sunday Write-Up feature! Today’s words are at the bottom of the post – take them away, do something with them and then come back and link your post back to us here, so that people can come visit you and check out your piece.

As before, don’t worry about it being long, short, perfectly edited…the idea is to just let your imagination run wild on something you’ve never even thought about writing before, blast out a piece in however much time you have on your Sunday (or the few days afterwards).

So, here’s today’s prompts – include all five in your piece and see what you come up with. I’ll be back to link up my post soon 🙂

Today’s five words are:

alone     growing     slowly     life     beautiful

Horrorfest…It’s Here!

Trick or Treat

Sc-r-ee-c-h *huge wooden door swings open*

 “Welcome, welcome! The day has finally arrived and our first ever Horrorfest is here!” 

 To get myself in the mood, I’m typing this post as I watch the end of The Walking Dead series 2…I don’t fancy the sheriff’s chances right now 😦   Anyway – I’m sure he’ll find some way to elude the multitude of zombies beating down the barn door and so let’s get on with our own show… our opening feature on Halloween comes up next.

Horrorfest…Not long now

Spooky  House The nights are getting darker, shadows grow longer and what is that on the horizon? Pumpkins, witches hats and fake blood…? Oh yes! It’s Horrorfest time!

If you’ve not already secured your spooky space on the event, with a short story, interview, guest post or review of a horror book, then time is running out. Drop us a line at bonniesyorkie at gmail dot com and find out how you can take part!

And if you’re too much of a chicken to take part – just tune in from 21st October when our first features will appear.