Cover Reveal…WitchHunt by Emma Mills

Today we’re hosting a cover reveal for author Emma Mills and her latest book, Witch Hunt. 

There is a huge giveaway for her Facebook page getting 1000 likes, so if you’re interested in taking part – check out the link. 

So…what about the book? This is the third book in the Witch Blood series – you can read Mel’s review of the first book – WitchBlood – on Goodreads here. The second book – WitchLove – was featured in our May Indie Author event this year, and now you can get a sneak peek at the latest addition to the series!


‘WitchHunt’ – Release Date: 4th November, 2013


     ‘I know it’s selfish, but I don’t want you to go,’ Daniel said, a couple of minutes later.

   I looked at him and smiled. ‘I’ll be fine, I will.’ 

   ‘You’d better be. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Those months I stupidly spent apart from you… they were torment for me,’ he said.

   ‘They were torment for me too.’

As the Christmas season is ripped apart by the news that Jess’ old friend Alex has been turned into a vicious killer, festivities are dropped, Jess returns to England and the hunt begins. But Alex isn’t the only one being hunted, for Mary has found a way to extinguish the entire bloodline of Malden witches, and it is Jess’s book of shadows that’s the key. As things hot up, Jess finds she must leave Daniel and the safety of Manchester in a final hunt for her nemesis, Mary. In a fight-off that only one of them can survive, loved ones will fall… daemons will rise… but who will survive?

Indie Author Month 2013 – Aaaaaaaand, we out!

Guest Feature

All done! 

So, it’s June 1st, which means Indie Month is done for our second year…

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out about new books and authors, reading the guest posts about why people write, and possibly found some new stories to add to your own reading lists this summer. For us, it has been a pleasure hosting such a lovely, and enthusiastic, group of authors. They’ve tweeted and re-blogged the event all over the place, and come back to check out the other authors regularly – thank you for taking part so actively.

Our giveaway winner has now been selected – congratulations to Karen E 🙂 our email is on its way to you, as I type!

This year, we featured more authors than in 2012, and were able to offer each a different type of post, so we hope you liked seeing something different. The posts attracted just under 2000 views in the month, which was also more than last year, so overall – we’re happy.

Thanks again for taking part – hopefully see you next year!

Mel x


IAM…Indie Author Month 2013 is here!

Hello and welcome to our second Indie Author Month!

A bit of a change from last year, we have a whole variety of posts coming throughout May from all types of YA Indie Authors – from interviews and book features, to excerpts and creative writing pieces – you won’t want to miss a day! 🙂

Best of all – is the return of the HUGE book giveaway, where our featured authors ‘gift’ one or more of their books to a lucky reader. So, check back with us regularly to meet some new authors, find out about their books and possibly win yourself a huge stash of lovely books to set yourself up for summer!

Mel x

Guest Post…Author Appreciation

For today’s guest post, we’re welcoming back author Charlotte Abel following her recent guest review slot (which you can read here), to talk about a subject of interest to most authors – but especially indie ones: getting reader support. For readers, this might give you an idea of the kind of things authors hope people who enjoy their books will do, as it all helps with promotion.
If you have favorite authors that you want to help promote with about 15 seconds of effort, consider using the “like” button and tags to increase their rankings on sites like and within search engines. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way to giving thanks to those that provide us with hours of entertainment and happiness.
I had no idea how important those like and “useful” buttons were on the sales pages of my favorite products until I listed my own books. Not only do they determine which reviews (the good, the bad and the ugly) are shown to prospective customers but they can mean the difference between making it onto a best-seller list or not. That is one of the ultimate goals for all authors and if your willingness to just click a few tags can help that dream come true… Well, I know that I am always happy to give a little love to my fave authors.
Here’s a little video to give you ideas on other ways you could help the authors you like…
Want to know more about our guest? 
Charlotte Abel is a full time writer that lives near Boulder, Colorado with her husband Pete. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys hiking, bicycling, and archery. Her debut novel, Enchantment, Book 1 of The Channie Series is a paranormal coming of age romance. Taken, Book 2 of The Channie Series is the action packed sequel. The final chapter of The Channie Series will be released in the summer of 2012. Future projects include a romantic thriller set in the remote Sawatch Mountain wilderness of Colorado and a Polynesian shifter series.

To learn more about Charlotte and The Channie Series, please visit: